Black Cloud Modules

What are they?

They are custom built modules for Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular software synthesizer. In addition to a wide range of “factory” modules, Voltage Modular supports user-created modules, allowing independent developers to create a wide range additional modules. It’s an aesthetic that’s very much in keeping with “real” Modular Synthesis where bespoke modules abound.

BCI has recently joined the Voltage Modular ecosystem and has (or will shortly have) the following selection of modules available in the Voltage Modular Store:

BCI KString

A very simple oscillator that implements Karplus-Strong algorithm to simulate a plucked string.

For more information, see the BCI KString information page.

BCI ERings

A 3 channel, 16 step trigger generating Euclidean Sequencer. Add a clock source and percussion oscillators of your choice to explore the realm of Euclidean rhythms

For more information, see the BCI ERings information page.

BCI AWaves

A digital oscillator using the “Adventure Kid” single-cycle waveform collection as it’s wave library. There are several thousand (!) waveforms spread across 65 banks. The oscillator supports up to 7 voice unison with adjustable detuning.

For more information, see the BCI AWaves information page.

BCI TMachine & Expansion Modules

A random CV sequence generator modeled after the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine, and it’s companion pulse generator, voltage generator and mixer expansion modules.

For more information, see the BCI TMachine information page.

BCI SpectroMorph

A 2-bank, 16 band filter array inspired by the likes of the Buchla 296e Spectral Processor and the FRAP Tools FUMANA .

For more information, see the BCI SpectroMorph information page.