BCI SawsAll

BCI SawsAll

SawsAll is a big saw for your super-sized jobs: Three 7 oscillator Super Saw/Super Square voices in a single module.

All three voices have independent V/Oct inputs, but share other controls, including:

  • +/- 3 Octave coarse and +/- 1 Octave fine tuning.
  • Adjustable unison detune amount with manual and CV control.
  • Adjustable pulse width with manual and CV control.
  • FM input.

The Detune, Width, FM, Blend and Mix CV inputs feature Randuverters that can be used to add some movement without using external modulation sources.

Stereo outputs are available, and if used the oscillators for each active voice are panned 3 hard right, 3 hard left, with the “center” oscillator in both left and right channels.

A PDF format “Quick Reference Guide” is available here: BCI SawsAll Instructions