BCI TMachine

Inspired by the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine, TMachine is a sequencer that you can’t really control… at least not much!

At the core of the machine is a 16 bit ring buffer that is is pre-loaded with a random value and is rotated left one bit position on each clock pulse. The lower 8 bits of the buffer are displayed on 8 LEDs and converter into an output voltage that can be use to drive any other CV controllable parameter in your patch. You can control the rate at which bits in the buffer are flipped via knob or CV, and set the length of the bit loop.

A “Pluse” output is provided that generates a pulse when the P bit in the ring is set, as is “Noise” output, driven by the machine’s internal noise source.
The range of the generated output CV is adjustable, allowing the output voltage range to be tuned a particular application.

An “Expansion” output allows connection to the TM-P, TM-V and TP-M output expanders.

A PDF “Quick Reference” is available here: TMachine User Guide