BCI Huginn & Muninn

BCI Huginn & Muninn

Huginn & Muninn is a two oscillator, multi-waveform module that gives Odin’s Ravens, Huginn (“Memory”) and Muninn (“Though”) voices you can use in your patches.

Both Huginn and Muninn produce two primary waveforms (Sawtooth and PWM Square) as well as a Square Wave sub-octave waveform (pitched one octave lower than the primary waveforms). Independent output mixers allow the outputs of the two voices to be tailored as required to meet your needs.

Output from the two voices are also combined through a cross-fade Blend control. An internal LFO allows you to apply a Chorus effect to the resulting Blended Output.

Pulse width and mix levels are manually and CV controllable.

A PDF format “Quick Reference Guide” is available here: BCI Huginn & Muninn Instructions