BCI SpectroMorph

SpectroMorph is a two-bank, 16 band filter array inspired by the likes of the FRAP Tools FUMANA and the Buchla 296e Spectral Processor.

Each filter bank has separate “Odd” and “Eeven” inputs, adjustable input gains, and a +10dB “Boost” function for use with low-level inputs. A “Morph” knob and CV input allow the output from the two filter banks to be blended or switched between.

16 individual filter outputs are switchable between the two banks and the blended outputs. Each filter also has it’s own VCA, with “touch sensitive” gain controls and Envelope Follower. Switchable connections are provided for filter envelope follower outputs as well as VCA gain CV inputs. The VCA gain inputs can configured for either CV (-5V0..5V0) or EV (0V0..5V0) signals.

Summed “Even”, “Odd” and “All” outputs are also provided.

Global Attack and Release Time adustments are applied to all the filter Envelope Followers as well as an overall follower that tracks the “All” output.

With the “EV” setting and some cables, the module can be configured as a Vocoder with one input signal acting as the carrier, and the other the modulator… And you can still morph between banks if you feel the urge!

A PDF “Quick Reference” is available here: http://www.blackcloudmusic.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/SpectroMorph-Instructions_3.pdf