BCI KString

The KString Oscillator

A very simple oscillator that implements Karplus-Strong algorithm to simulate a plucked string.

While the KString’s range is limited at the high end to ~8000Hz, it’ll go way down low if asked. And the Modulation input affects oscillator pitch in ways from mild to wild.

The Trigger input drives plucks at a pitch controlled by the V/Oct input with alternate manual Trigger and Pitch controls also provided.

By default, random noise is used to “preload” the string, but live audio can be used instead via the Input jack.

The oscillator is internally damped, but will “ring” for an extended period after each pluck. Use an envelope generator to shape the output sound as desired.

A PDF “Quick Reference” is available here: http://www.blackcloudindustries.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/KString-Instructions_1.pdf